North Meadow Circle of Friends

North Meadow Circle of Friends is an unprogrammed Quaker (Religious Society of Friends) meeting.  We are associated with Friends General Conference and Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting.


Map to Meeting House

The meeting is located on the north side of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana

Picture of NMCF meeting house

North Meadow Circle

 Of Friends

1710 N. Talbott Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202

There is a ramp at the rear of the meeting house for those who find stairs difficult

Meeting for Worship

Sundays at 10:00 AM

First Day School for Children at 10.00 AM



About Our Worship

The worship service at North Meadow Circle of Friends consists of a period of silent prayer, meditation, and devotion.

The silence is both an expression of our Quaker faith and a way of helping us to come into the presence of God.  We believe that in the silence all people can experience God directly.

First, we “center.”  This is a process by which we try to detach ourselves from the sounds of the world around us and the lively thoughts in our minds in order to feel the presence of God within.  This is not so much a matter of being silent, as of being still.

We seek to escape from the thoughts and cares of everyday life and listen instead for what God may be saying to us, both individually and as a meeting.  Sometimes, we may receive a word to speak to the whole meeting, sometimes God’s word is for us alone.  We must always be attentive to the difference.

It is possible that ministry will be given, if someone feels that he or she has received a message that is intended for the whole meeting.  These can come from anyone in the worshiping group.

This waiting worship is important to Quakerism.  It underscores the Quaker conviction that every person can experience the Holy directly and any person may be given a message to share.

Meeting lasts about an hour and is ended by a shared handshake.